Welcome to our online platform for VAPR suppliers, ValidZone!

This platform has been created with the aim of strengthening and facilitating trade relationships with
our suppliers.

Validzone is an online platform designed to digitally manage all processes between VAPR and its
suppliers -from the initial online registration, contract management, and administration, electronic
invoicing and centralization of all information concerning the approval of invoices, budgets, purchase
orders, quotes, and payments, among others.

This new digital model will be the primary liaison with our suppliers and the processing center so that
we can eliminate manual processes as well as all physical documents.

Implementation of ValidZone

Phase I
All suppliers are required to register in the links included below, on or before February 23, 2018. Once
registered, ValidZone will send an email indicating that your registration was duly processed and that
you should continue to the next step which is completing the suppliers form “Application” (FRM-101-
V1), which VAPR requires for active suppliers.
Phase II
The second phase consists of the creation of a digital contract and will begin the second week of March
By April 2018, all suppliers must be properly registered to start the last phase.
Phase III
In this last phase, suppliers will electronically submit billing through our ValidZone platform. Later on,
we will provide details of this last phase.

Should you have any questions, you may contact Mrs. Teresita Fillol at 787-773-7600 at extension 1101
or Mrs. Sophie Cosme at extension 1104.



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